Website Upgrade

Does your website need an upgrade?

If you want to lag behind your opposition leave your site as it is. If you want to be a better competitor to your opposition especially on searches you need a website upgrade NOW!

When we look at how the internet and websites have evolved over the years, no businesses would have survived without a web site upgrade or two along the way. Through research it is advised we upgrade our websites every two to three years at least.


The immediate answer is that technology changes so fast and we need to keep up with these changes. With more than 69% of websites being accessed on mobile browsers, speed, flow and readability are just a few reasons why you need to continuously upgrade and maintain.

It is essential to keep up with these changes in order to be at the top of your game. Without a website upgrade the internet would still have thousands of gaudy websites that flash in bright colours, take long to load and are not adaptable to mobile devices.

Without getting too technical different devices use different browsers, an Apple i-phone doesn’t necessarily use the same browser as a Samsung Android phone nor does every pc browser have the same size PC screen.

If you do a website upgrade to the latest responsive technology your website will be responsive, interactive and searchable from all devices.

For details on what is required contact us today.