Interon Solutions

We are a small team of Umbraco and Xamirin developers and designers based in Randburg and Roodepoort, who have over the years honed our skills on design, software development and internet services. When the going gets tough we have a select group of freelancers that we call on to assist, so no project will get left behind.

Since the internet got off the ground in the mid 90’s South Africa, members of our team were involved in one way or another with the evolution of this amazing technology, our first website was for a small bookkeeping company. From there we went from strength to strength gathering clients and knowledge along the way.

Although our strengths are in software development, we use this knowledge to develop and design multi-functional websites and online applications.

All of these require a certain level of finesse, so we adapt a graphic aspect to the code and there we have the app or website.

Some of our key projects involved interactive 3D applications for security organization, an online competition for major South African banking institution, online training organizer for an international pharmaceutical company and many other interesting but diversified applications.

Keeping up with the latest software developments and trends is important to our clients, we spend a lot of time to hone our skills in these areas specifically for internet applications.