Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website isn't worth much if it can't be found by search engines.

SEO is to prepare your website for proper indexing on search engines.

For visitors to find your website via a search engine it is advisable that we carry out at least level 1 SEO. We use various methods to ensure that the major search engines find and index your pages correctly. Without basic SEO the search engines could take months or even years to index your website.

Our methods compares your website with the top 10 in South Africa for a given search phrase and advises on how to improve your listing.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and not something that happens over night with the correct strategy you can improve your ranking in time.

Search engines offer a service of providing the searcher with the most accurate information relating to their search query. Over the years these companies have developed their search engines to sift out all the nonsense and spammers to meet with the objective of giving the searcher accurate results. Because of the refining they have done every website has a good chance of landing on the first page of "Google" if their pages are indexed correctly and the searcher happens to query a search phrase that you have aligned yourself with.

A good example of how these search engines have improved over the years is type any question into the search bar and even add a location and you will notice how accurate the search result are.

There are no secrets to landing on the first page, it's all about competition of information. If you have a lot of good information relating to a topic or subject that is informative, credible and original and you have a lot of referral relating to that topic, Google will rate you as a credible source and give you a better ranking for that particular bit of information. The more informative and credible the better the ranking.