Business Ideas

TWO: Blogging for money

Firstly, this is not a get rich scheme, this is an opportunity to start a blogging business. You are not going to make millions overnight. Like everything in life, the more you put in the more you get out. Here I will guide you on how to make money legitimately, and yes everyone can do it.

It’s a lot easier than you think.

Also, nothing in life is free, if you want free stuff go outside and enjoy the sun and the fresh air, those are free.

The most important point I can make is to run it like a business, start with a plan, a budget, and an end goal.

Keep it simple and let it grow with you.

Why plan?

Plan to allocate your resources for…

  • how much time to spend on research
  • how much time to spend blogging
  • how much time to spend on marketing
  • when to spend it
  • topics to cover
  • income sources


Why budget?

You do need to spend money to make money

Most importantly you will need a blog, domain, email etc - that’s where we come in.

The most important part of any business is to set realistic goals. Start small and grow, just like everything else in life, plant a seed to grow a tree.

Having said all that, why should you create a blog?
  • Blogging is the most popular way to communicate and spread the news.
  • It’s a great way to express yourself, offer opinions, ideas and information.
  • Most importantly you can make money from it.


What you need to get started.
  • Domain registration (register your own or we can do that for you)
  • hosting company (we have various hosting packages)
  • website look and feel (buy a pro template or use a free one)
  • website setup (we use WordPress for this)


This is where we can help you with all-inclusive monthly packages from R350.00 per month ex VAT


How do you make money?

Cost per click or pay per click ads

A common way to make money is by placing ads on the blog site.

The two popular types of ads are:

CPC or PPC Ads (cost per click or pay per click) these are ads placed as banners or towers on to your blogpost. Each time someone clicks the ad you will get paid a percentage of the cost of the ad. The amount varies depending on how much the advertiser paid to advertise through the search network. Here is an article worth reading if you want to go in this direction “What is Google AdSense and How to Make Money With It”.

Bing/Yahoo also has a similar option with a totally different demographic. Their audience, although smaller is a lot more sophisticated and probably less expensive as well.

CPM Ads (cost per 1000 impressions) these ads pay a fixed amount depending on how many view your ad.

The most popular is Google AdSense. It might seem a little overwhelming in the beginning but keep at it you will become an expert in no time. With this type of advertising all you do is place a banner on your site with some code. And generate traffic which will in turn generate money. The rule here is to be active in your marketing and consistent in your posting articles and patient in getting income. Every little bit you get will add up. And if you’re consistent it will grow exponentially.

Then we have Affiliate Marketing.

Please refer to the Affiliate Marketing page for more on this.